The Magnet Ad Agency makes it easy for advertisers and publishers to  engage in online marketing campaigns.

Publishers login to the Magnet Ad Agency control panel, then create what we call their "ad spaces". Ad spaces are placements on websites, blogs or other websites. Publishers determine the placement of the ad spaces on their websites, the duration, size and type of ads it accepts. Publishers can specify the price for an ad space. It can be per click, per impression or a fixed rate per week or month.

Ad spaces can then be rented by our Advertisers who are looking to promote an idea, website or project. Once rented the Advertiser  can upload the banner ad, and url link it will connect to once clicked upon.

Payments are made using the Magnet Coins, an ethereum based  ERC20 blockchain coin. Advertisers must have the Magnet Coins loaded in the control panel before renting any ad spaces.

There is a monthly membership for both advertisers and publishers. Upon the purchase of an ad space, a small transaction fee will be applied to advertiser and publisher to help cover the network costs.

How It Works


Magnet Ad Agency - How It Works


Magnet Ad Agency uses very basic HTML code to allow banner ads from the advertisers to be displayed by publishers.


Advertisers can easily update and changed during ad campaigns, without any changes to the publisher's links.

Advertiser Looking to promote and idea Publisher Helping to market ideas Ad Agency An online marketplace for Advertisers and Publishers

With our easy to use web based control panel, advertisers and publishers can create and subscribe to advertising campaigns directly.


Publishers earn Magnet Coins for promoting banner ads. When advertising campaigns expire, the publishers ad spaces can display default ads, allowing the ad spaces to never stop earning Magnet Coins for the publisher


MAGNET Coins (MAG) - Pre Sale - Information



$0.10 usd

Presale Price

Participate In the Magnet Coin

Pre Sale


Magnet Coins, an ERC20 based crypto currency is used as a common payment method for all agency transactions.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MAG

Etherscan Contract Address: Click Here

Magnet Coins Overview Click Here

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